I'm Federico Pian

I'm an italian freelance web designer, front-end and wordpress developer. Minimable is my last creation. I made it with passion, like everything I do in my life.

Minimable Free Changelog

v3.0.7 02 Mar / 2017

  1. Fixed: Minimable Options work well also on automated WordPress installation.

v3.0.6 31 Jan / 2017

  1. Updated: Minimable is compatible with PHP 7
  2. Updated: Font Awesome to the latest version (4.7.0)

v3.0.5 26 Jun / 2016

  1. Updated: Font Awesome to the latest version (4.6.3)
  2. Fixed: WordPress editor issue when you activate the Yoast SEO plugin

v3.0.4 19 Feb / 2016

  1. Fixed: WordPress image uploader now works properly in Minimable Options

v3.0.3 17 Jan / 2016

  1. Fixed: if you don’t set the retina logo, the normal one is shown on retina devices

v3.0.2 14 Jan / 2016

  1. Updated: added the new WordPress image uploader
  2. Updated: added a correct layout to single porfolio and team member item
  3. Updated: improve support for retina images

v3.0.1 25 Nov / 2015

  1. Updated: Font Awesome to the latest version (4.5.0)

v3.0 15 Nov / 2015

  1. There is a new premium version with a lot of new features. Woocommerce shops, YouTube video background, sliders and more. Take a look at the demo!
  2. Added: particles background
  3. Added: you can set a dark or light header
  4. Added: video shortcode
  5. Added: improve the way you insert shortcodes
  6. Updated: page settings completely redesigned
  7. Updated: featured image now is implemented also on default pages
  8. Updated: WordPress gallery now works properly
  9. Updated: documentation
  10. Fixed: logo link wheh you are on external pages

v2.1 15 Jun / 2015

  1. Added: new theme option where you can customize the preloader
  2. Added: button shortcodes
  3. Added: message on dashboard with required and recommended plugins
  4. Updated: Font Awesome to the latest version (4.3)
  5. Updated: queryloader to the latest version
  6. Updated: documentation
  7. Updated: premium section
  8. Fixed: remove “Find Us” and “Contact Us” titles if they are empty
  9. Fixed: you can set the main color in Theme Options

v2.0.1 27 Jan / 2015

  1. Fixed: position of the last bubble mobile version

v2.0 20 Jan / 2015

  1. Added: page preloader
  2. Added: external template page. You can create static pages (like privacy, terms and conditionts etc.) with a dedicated page template
  3. Added: retina support for logos
  4. Updated: theme options completely redesigned
  5. Updated: you can set the height of the navbar and the logo
  6. Updated: you can show the top bar from the top
  7. Updated: you can hide the big logo and slogan from the top section
  8. Updated: you can hide bubbles
  9. Updated: the main font to the latest version. More supported languages
  10. Updated: you can disable spin effects from bubbles
  11. Updated: you can add external links for the bubbles

v1.6 01 Jul / 2014

  1. A new premium version is coming this week with new features!
  2. Added: demo content to start using the theme in the best way
  3. Added: text area field in the contact section
  4. Updated: you can set the scroll speed in the Theme Options
  5. Updated: the documentation with the instructions for using the demo content
  6. Fixed: CSS padding in the home section

v1.5.5 19 May / 2014

  1. Added: tumblr and vk social icons
  2. Updated: you can open social links in a new window

v1.5.4 15 Jan / 2014

  1. Added: instagram social icon to the contact page and staff member
  2. Updated: you can add a description in the gallery page
  3. Updated: removed the limit of 10 pages in General options and updated to 20

v1.5.3 19 Dic / 2013

  1. Fixed: updated the style in the Minimable Options due to the WordPress 3.8 new colors

v1.5.2 09 Dic / 2013

  1. Added: now you can add social links for each staff member!
  2. Fixed: when you click the mini logo the site scrolls up
  3. Fixed: custom page link works for all pages

v1.5.1 03 Dic / 2013

  1. Fixed: fix the page link problem with special chars

v1.5 02 Dic / 2013

  1. Minimable Premium – Is ready!
  2. Added: smooth fade animation on hover
  3. Added: you can insert from 3 to 6 bubbles in home!
  4. Updated: the documentation. Please read it because many things have changed
  5. Updated: if the member in the staff is only one, the filter disappear
  6. Updated: the menu on mobile navigation disappear when you tap a link
  7. Updated: changed the icons in the contact template

v1.4 30 Ott / 2013

  1. Minimable Premium – In the first half of November the premium version will be ready!
  2. Added: full width template page!
  3. Updated: improved the jQuery code
  4. Updated: remove the limit of the items in the staff and portfolio section
  5. Updated: added the necessary information for the general page template
  6. Fixed: icons in the Gallery now appears in Google Chrome too.

v1.3.1 21 Aug / 2013

  1. Minimable Premium – In the first half of September the premium version will be ready!
  2. Updated: improved the documentation by adding a screenshot in the menu section
  3. Fixed: the favicon option now works

v1.3 30 Jul / 2013

  1. Updated: improved the documentation and added a FAQ section
  2. Updated: the “Go to work” links, in Portfolio section, now appears only when you fill in the URL link field in the dashboard
  3. Updated: now, in Minimable Option you can set the “Go to work” label
  4. Updated: when you activate Minimable for the first time, appears a message in the live site that told you which will be the next step
  5. Updated: enabled external custom links in the menu
  6. Updated: “Find us” and “Contact us” labels now are editable.
  7. Fixed: iOS input aspect. Now it’s the same of the desktop site version
  8. Fixed: the contact informations on the left appears only when you put the label (email, fax, etc)
  9. Fixed: the staff section issue, when the screen resolution has a width of 2500px
  10. Fixed: the margin of the input fields in the WordPress dashboard

v1.2 01 Jul / 2013

  1. Updated:iImproved typography design
  2. Added: documentation option in Minimable Settings
  3. Added: more details in Minimable documentation
  4. Fixed: Changed position of lightbox image controller
  5. Fixed: footer cut when is on two row
  6. Fixed: scrollorama is now applied to all page galleries you create
  7. Removed: minimoll.css file from css folder

v1.1 26 Jun / 2013

  1. Added: changelog file
  2. Added: created a docs folder
  3. Fixed: footer cutted on smartphones
  4. Fixed: scrolling on the last section with big resolutions
  5. Fixed: bug when you hover on the rounded thumbs in the gallery section, in Firefox (Windows)
  6. Fixed: menu overlay on the circle link in the home section
  7. Fixed: focus state on the email field in the contact section
  8. Fixed: width of the input fields in Appereance – Menu

v1.0 25 Jun / 2013

  1. First release