I'm Federico Pian

I'm an italian freelance web designer, front-end and wordpress developer. Minimable is my last creation. I made it with passion, like everything I do in my life.

Minimable Premium Changelog

v3.1.0 31 Mag / 2017

  1. Updated: Minimable is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0
  2. Fixed: tab navigation

v3.0.7 02 Mar / 2017

  1. Fixed: Minimable Options work well also on automated WordPress installation.

v3.0.6 31 Jan / 2017

  1. Updated: Minimable is compatible with PHP 7
  2. Updated: Child Theme (lib.css file and fonts folder)
  3. Updated: Font Awesome to the latest version (4.7.0)
  4. Fixed: You can have multiple portfolios sections in the same page

v3.0.5 26 Jun / 2016

  1. Updated: Font Awesome to the 4.6.3 version
  2. Updated: Minimable is fully compatible with Woocommerce 2.6
  3. Updated: Child Theme (lib.css file and fonts folder)
  4. Fixed: WordPress editor issue when you activate the Yoast SEO plugin

v3.0.4 25 Jan / 2016

  1. Updated: replace curl function with wp_remote_get function
  2. Updated: improve the animations on Portfolio Section
  3. Updated: Minimable is fully compatible with Woocommerce 2.5
  4. Updated: Font Awesome to the 4.5.0 version
  5. Fixed: broken links when you install other plugins

v3.0.3 18 Jan / 2016

  1. Fixed: margin top on portoflio section for mobile devices
  2. Fixed: if you don’t set the retina logo, the normal one is shown on retina devices

v3.0.2 12 Jan / 2016

  1. Updated: added the new WordPress image uploader
  2. Updated: added style to single porfolio item page
  3. Updated: improve support for retina images
  4. Fixed: slider background images now work properly

v3.0.1 18 Nov / 2015

  1. Fixed: bug fix for old PHP version. Now the WordPress editor and the website in general works well.

v3.0 09 Nov / 2015

  1. Added: slider background
  2. Added: you can set a min-height for each section
  3. Added: improve the way you insert shortcodes, layouts and now you can use 6 different predefined layouts
  4. Added: in theme options you can add a light logo version
  5. Updated: Minimable is fully compatible with Woocommerce 2.4.8
  6. Updated: you can add video backrounds from YouTube
  7. Updated: page settings completely redesigned
  8. Updated: you can customize the font family for all heading fonts
  9. Updated: you can customize colors for each bubble
  10. Updated: featured image now is implemented also on default pages
  11. Updated: WordPress gallery now works properly
  12. Updated: FontAwesome icons to the latest version (4.4.0)
  13. Updated: now you can choose to have a full bubbles section in page settings, not in Theme Options
  14. Updated: you can remove the cart icon from the top bar
  15. Fixed: “Array” label on Portfolio section

v2.1.2 28 Aug / 2015

  1. Fixed: checkboxes work properly

v2.1.1 26 Aug / 2015

  1. A new important update is coming!
  2. Update: you can change the order of portfolio items (ASC and DESC)
  3. Fixed: background option boxes order
  4. Fixed: bubbles checkbox to show or hide bubbles

v2.1 12 Jun / 2015

  1. Added: background particles
  2. Added: new theme option where you can customize the preloader
  3. Added: message with required and recommended plugins
  4. Updated: icon shortcode. Now you can add a title next to the icon
  5. Updated: layout shortcode. You can put a column to the right
  6. Updated: you can set the type of background (image, video or particles)
  7. Updated: you can choose the type of overlay between a pattern or an overlay color
  8. Updated: queryloader to the latest version
  9. Updated: single team member layout
  10. Updated: documentation
  11. Fixed: completely debug the theme

v2.0.1 31 May / 2015

  1. Updated: Minimable is compatible with the latest Woocommerce version (2.3.9)
  2. Updated: Minimable is now compatible with bbpress and buddypress plugins
  3. Updated: Font Awesome to the latest version (4.3)
  4. Fixed: if “Find Us” and “Contact Us” titles are empty they won’t appear in the contact page
  5. Fixed: video shortcode size now works
  6. Fixed: child theme

v2.0 20 Jan / 2015

  1. Added: woocommerce integration
  2. Added: video backgrounds
  3. Added: parallax effect to background images
  4. Added: template product
  5. Updated: theme options completely redesigned and improved
  6. Updated: you can keep the main font and change only the size
  7. Updated: you can create multiple single pages
  8. Updated: improve the support for WPML
  9. Updated: you can add an overlay pattern to images and videos
  10. Updated: you can hide the big logo and slogan from the bubbles section
  11. Updated: the main font to the latest version. More supported languages
  12. Fixed: post archives now have the correct posts

v1.6.4 15 Dec / 2014

  1. Updated: portfolio featured image. Now you can add a full width
  2. Updated: you can protect the portfolio section with a password
  3. Updated: you can disable the spin effect on bubbles
  4. Updated: you can have the top page without bubbles
  5. Updated: you can show the menu bar from the top of the page
  6. Updated: query loader plugin
  7. Fixed: you can have different number of menu items and bubbles
  8. Fixed: tab items shortcode. Now it works also on external pages
  9. Fixed: custom hover and active color on menu bar now works
  10. Fixed: gallery controls button now work also on mobile

v1.6.3 09 Oct / 2014

  1. Updated: button shortcode. Now you can open the link in a new window and position the button on the left, centered or on the right
  2. Updated: you can change the “Read more” label for posts
  3. Updated: documentation, the Premium section (buttons shortcode)
  4. Fixed: background images on tablets and smartphones
  5. Fixed: tab items shortcode. Now they aren’t cut if you have floated elements
  6. Fixed: now you can change the text color of porfolio items

v1.6.2 09 Sep / 2014

  1. Updated: font awesome icons to the 4.2.0 version
  2. Fixed: tabs navigation on the last version of Chrome now it works

v1.6.1 01 Aug / 2014

  1. Added: vimeo social icon
  2. Updated: you can add the featured image in the carousel
  3. Updated: you can open portfolio link in a new tab
  4. Fixed: the menu on iPad now works correctly
  5. Fixed: the instagram social icon now appear for all the staff member
  6. Fixed: portfolio secion now works correcty in Internet Explorer 8
  7. Fixed: radio buttons and checkboxes now appear in the Contact Form
  8. Fixed: the sidebar in the archive post page
  9. Fixed: post layout shortcode when the title or the excerpt are too long

v1.6 05 Jul / 2014

  1. Added: demo content to start using the theme in the best way
  2. Added: drop down menu
  3. Added: text area field in the contact section
  4. Updated: in the gallery section now you can swipe out images to close them
  5. Updated: changed icons in the portfolio item
  6. Updated: you can assign multiple categories to a portfolio item
  7. Updated: you can change the background color of the blog and external pages
  8. Updated: the documentation with the instructions for using the demo content
  9. Fixed: improved the user experience on Android devices
  10. Fixed: Google Font problem for some users
  11. Fixed: now you can insert multiple tab shortcode
  12. Fixed: text color in the full width template

v1.5.5 03 Jun / 2014

  1. Fixed: warning header messages

v1.5.4 19 May / 2014

  1. Added: tumblr and vk social icons
  2. Updated: you can open social links in a new window
  3. Updated: font awesome icons to the 4.1.0 version
  4. Fixed: font in the bubbles now works if you want to change it
  5. Fixed: improve the blog layout when you deactivate all post fields (data, tags, author and comments)
  6. Fixed: font size of big titles in the mobile version

v1.5.3 28 Jan / 2014

  1. Fixed: code in the main template page. Now the portfolio thumb page template works
  2. Fixed: remove the shadow in the menu links

v1.5.2 28 Jan / 2014

  1. Fixed: code in the main template page

v1.5.1 27 Jan / 2014

  1. Updated: in the portfolio item you can show or not the featured image
  2. Updated: documentation
  3. Fixed: tab shortcodes. Now you can have multiple tab shortcodes and the active tab works well (read the documentation)
  4. Fixed: the section with the bubbles now works well in IE8
  5. Fixed: the control buttons in the portfolio item now appear also in the mobile version

v1.5 13 Jan / 2014

  1. Added: retina support
  2. Added: shortcodes for font awesome icons and buttons
  3. Added: instagram social icon to the contact page and staff members
  4. Added: soundcloud integration in the portfolio
  5. Added: child theme
  6. Added: you can set the background image as fixed
  7. Updated: you can choose to display the portfolio item description in the lightbox or under the image (or carousel, or video etc.)
  8. Updated: you can choose to display the portfolio item link on the top right or under the image
  9. Updated: google fonts now support all the character sets (Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese etc.)
  10. Updated: you can change the “All” word in the filter portfolio
  11. Updated: in the theme options you can choose to have a centered logo
  12. Updated: in the theme options you can choose to have a full height home page or not
  13. Updated: in the home page you can choose to have bubbles in two rows (when they are six)
  14. Updated: removed the limit of 10 pages in General options and updated to 20
  15. Updated: documentation and faq section

v1.4.1 18 Dic / 2013

  1. Fixed: when you set the main background color in Minimable Options, it changes only the main site background (not the blog)
  2. Fixed: social icons appear for all staff members
  3. Fixed: remove the “auto” title in the tab content, in the tab shortcode

v1.4 18 Dic / 2013

  1. Added: new shortcodes for create tabbed section and get the latest posts
  2. Added: you can add social links for the staff member
  3. Updated: you can decide to remove the sidebar. You can also decide to show the excerpt or the content in the archive pages
  4. Updated: you can set the speed scroll
  5. Updated: added the “Color settings” section in the Minimable Options, where I added the possibility to set also the page background color
    and the mini slogan color (the one you can see on the top right)
  6. Updated: you can have now a minimum number of 2 bubbles (before it was 3)
  7. Updated: improved the javascript code
  8. Updated: the style in the Minimable Options due to the WordPress 3.8 new colors
  9. Updated: added the information for using the new shortcodes
  10. Fixed: the progress bar delay
  11. Fixed: all color settings now works
  12. Fixed: the images alignment in the posts and pages now works well

v1.3 04 Dic / 2013

  1. Added: video tutorial in the support area!
  2. Added: new page template “Template External Page” for create external pages (like Terms, Privacy, etc.)
  3. Updated: the gallery now works better. The bars hide and when you move the mouse them appears again
  4. Fixed: when you click the mini logo the site scrolls up
  5. Fixed: in the portfolio carousel, now you can add portrait images without cropping
  6. Fixed: the link of the last page now get highlighted also in higher resolutions
  7. Fixed: remove all type of special chars from the anchor. You can also set yours
  8. Fixed: now you can add external pages in the bubbles
  9. Fixed: the label color of the contact form is white
  10. Fixed: sticky footer! now if the page is too short the footer goes to the bottom of the page.

v1.2 02 Dic / 2013

  1. Added: now you can customize the font and the size in the bubbles
  2. Updated: the documentation now contains the instruction for shortcodes
  3. Fixed: update notifications in the dashboard. Now it works
  4. Fixed: remove special chars from the anchor (links for menu and bubbles)
  5. Fixed: the main color now is applied everywhere
  6. Fixed: smooth fade in the buttons applied everywhere

v1.1.1 29 Nov / 2013

  1. Fixed: big titles

v1.1 29 Nov / 2013

  1. Added: in the portfolio item you can choose to have more details or not
  2. Updated: theme options with the right information about the documentation
  3. Updated: theme options with the field for the “more details” label button
  4. Fixed: home page now appears!
  5. Fixed: remove the double footer

v1.0 27 Nov / 2013

  1. First release